• Tracy Bingham 5 Date: 2017-11-01 00:00:00
    He's the best!

  • Darren Burrell 5 Date: 2017-10-31 20:31:30
    Great service. Dr. Price is knowledgeable about health. I've been going just about since he's opened and it's been nothing but up hill since then. Appreciate it Dr. Price!

  • Cheri Rogers 5 Date: 2017-10-25 19:06:01
    Wish I could leave 10 stars! There is not enough good I could say about Dr. Price. He rescued my husband and me several years ago, and we have been grateful for him since. He is a wonderful Dr., listener, and friend. He sincerely cares about each patient and has a unique approach in his method of listening and evaluating how everything works together for proper functioning. He doesn't jump to only correct what's hurting, he understands the body and solves the root issue. This is the difference in a doctor who truly cares versus one trying to get as many patients in and out the door as possible. I recommend him at every opportunity, and he has been a great help to each and every one I have sent. He goes above and beyond...we are so grateful to have found him!

  • Amy Chasteen 5 Date: 2017-10-25 00:00:00
    Best there is!!!

  • Jason Rhorer 5 Date: 2017-09-12 10:37:05
    Hey is really good my neck and back is already feeling better then it ever has and i have been to alot of chiropracticer and i have only been there 2 times and u can tell he is a good Dr and wants to help u get better so if u have problems with back and neck i would check him out because he is really good ar what he dose

  • John Shearer 5 Date: 2017-09-08 18:50:30
    I have gone to chiropractors for years and can honestly say that Dr Price is the best neck chiropractor I've ever seen. He has done more for my neck than any other doctor or therapist previously. Additionally, he was able to relieve pressure from my inner ear when no other doctor could, which relieved me of extreme dizziness I'd been having for weeks. I would highly recommend Dr Price to anyone suffering from pain or misalignment. Alongside the massage therapist in his office, I have experienced a significant reduction in pain and increase of daily functioning.

  • Traci Webster 5 Date: 2017-07-01 00:00:00
    I've been going to Dr. Price for 5.5 years now and will continue driving an hour and 15 minutes to see him once a month! He always takes care of my family and I. We couldn't ask for a better doc! :)

  • Heather Bullock Gibson 5 Date: 2017-06-03 19:24:32
    Although I was scared because of a injury in my neck he made me feel comfortable and took care of me. He adjusted my neck and instantly it felt better! I will keep going back!!

  • Cheri Miller Lunsford 5 Date: 2017-06-02 17:25:00
    Rating only, no review recorded.

  • Amara Herald 5 Date: 2017-05-12 15:52:18
    I was very hesitant about going to the Chiropractor, I am 28 years old and had never been seen by a Chiropractor in my life.I met Dr. Price and was immediately put to ease by not only his knowledge about the Spine and the work that he does, but by his down to earth and reassuring personality.I had been in pain for almost 3 weeks straight, and was having trouble finding any relief.I called and spoke with Dr. Price personally and scheduled an appointment to come in and be seen the same day.He explained everything and also explained what he believed the problem was. After leaving his office I was in complete relief of the pain I had came to see him for!I would recommend Dr. Price to anyone and everyone and plan on being his patient for as long as possible!The best advertisement is being able to truly help others!

  • Brittney Bowling 5 Date: 2017-04-14 22:42:59
    I really can't say enough great things about this place! Today was my first visit, and I was greeted right away, I felt as though I was treated like family!!! I would defiantly recommend this to anyone! I walked out the door feeling like a new person!! It was really cool it get educated during my appointment as well, you can tell Dr. Price genuinely cares about his patients!!

  • Christy Eades 5 Date: 2017-02-01 00:00:00
    Very personable and knowledgeable, would definetly recommend him.

  • Jodi Griggs 5 Date: 2016-12-30 04:48:31
    Dr. Price is very knowledgeable and personable. At 34 weeks our baby was transverse breech, and we wanted to avoid a cesarean delivery. On the advice of our practitioner, we contacted Dr. Price, who quickly fit us into his busy schedule. At 38 weeks (after only 6 adjustments!) baby flipped to the correct position! Not only did the baby turn, but the adjustments helped with hip pain and back discomfort during late pregnancy! Dr. Price is a lifesaver!

  • Kevin Kendall 5 Date: 2016-12-27 20:08:18
    Came in from out of town over the holidays and he was able to see me same day. Put me back on feet. Was thorough and friendly. Even made a follow up call a couple days later to see how I was. COST is reasonable too.

  • Leah Nicole Thomas 5 Date: 2016-12-05 14:15:12
    Rating only, no review recorded.

  • Sandi Spencer 5 Date: 2016-06-28 18:50:13
    My visits are always great with Dr. Price. Dr. Price always makes sure that I feel the best possible before I leave his care! Now he has an awesome massage therapist in his office who has amazing prices for the amazing massage I got! Dr.Price's office is now complete and total body care! Both Dr. Price and Becca (massage therapist) are amazing and caring professionals who look out for their patience well being!

  • Sharma Daniels 5 Date: 2016-01-07 18:37:51
    If anyone has ever had their lower back go completely out, you know what excruciating pain it is. I found Dr. Price by sheer miracle, when my back went out over the holidays. I was in excruciating pain, could hardly sit or stand, and literally looked like a parentheses )), or perhaps more like a question mark ???? Whichever, it was bad...Really bad... After only two visits, I am standing, walking, bending, and nearly pain free. He has provided me with the highest standard of care that I have ever received from a chiropractor, and I have been to a few over the years. Thank you Dr. Price for making me an explanation point!!! See you at my next visit!!!!

  • Jon VanGelderen 5 Date: 2015-10-31 23:03:38
    Rating only, no review recorded.

  • Hannah Roehrborn Bingham 5 Date: 2015-10-05 03:32:18
    I have seen Dr. Price at least once per month for the last couple years, and it has truly changed my life for the better. Before I started going to him, I struggled with TMJ, back and hip pain, difficulty breathing, and clicking in many of my joints. He has fixed all of it. My husband and I recommend him to just about everyone we know, and I don't know anyone who has had a negative experience with him. If you are considering chiropractic care, please go visit Dr. Price a few times, and I can almost guarantee that you will feel better and healthier than you did before.

  • Debby Stout 5 Date: 2015-09-03 10:11:26
    Went for my first ever chiropractic visit with this man last week and cannot say enough good about him. I was scared to death and he calmed all of my fears can"t wait for my next visit. Debby Stout

  • Krystal Parker 5 Date: 2015-08-18 20:21:42
    Dr. Price has helped me to return to my normal self....I couldn't have received better care, help and information with my back!

  • Traci Lynne Webster 5 Date: 2015-07-22 02:03:06
    I started going to Dr Price 3.5yrs ago when I lived in Berea. He helped stop my neck pain and spasms, headaches and got me feeling 100% again! I have since moved and drive 1.5 hours for my appointments. When you find the best, it's worth the drive! :) He even keeps my husband and 2 year old adjusted! I highly recommend Dr Price!

  • Angela Joy Stephens 5 Date: 2015-04-26 17:37:07
    I am continually amazed at all the ways chiropractic care can help, most recently with really bad heel pain (plantar fasciitis) after getting back from a long work trip with lots of extra walking involved. I thought it would go away after a while, but after three weeks or so, during a visit to manage my migraines with Dr. Price, I mentioned how my heel pain was really becoming worse and asked if he could help. Apparently chiropractics can work wonders even for heels! With the adjustment that day and some stretching exercises he shared with me that I can do at home, the pain is SO much better and I had some immediate relief even that day! I'm just glad I thought to mention it that day and ask if there was something that chiropractic care could do for painful heels...who knew? Thank you, Dr Price!!

  • Elizabeth Taylor 5 Date: 2015-04-07 16:31:09
    Can't believe I slept all night for the first time in a long time. 10 hrs straight got up for a few min and slept 2 more hrs. No pain. No tylenol, no pain pills, muscle relaxers or pain patch. Thanks Dr. Price. You sure made me a believer.

  • Bill Palmer 5 Date: 2015-03-27 16:14:26
    Dr. Price is the 4th Chiropractor I've seen over the years for my low back. He is by far the most responsive and open of them all. Dr. Price's approach to individual care is top notch. His plan of care got me up on my feet and looking forward to a new day. I would recommend Dr. Price to anyone considering chiropractic as part of a pain management regimen.

  • Amelia Rachel Frazier 5 Date: 2015-03-13 21:22:50
    I have had headaches almost my entire life, until I started going to Price Chiropractic! He has helped me tremendously with keeping my headaches away like no other doctor was able to do, while also educating me about the chiropractic world, and what it really means. Highly recommend him!!

  • Sarah Rini Gump 5 Date: 2014-08-29 21:12:04
    Dr. Price has helped me with my lower back and neck pain. He is flexible with his scheduling, taking extra time with me when I'm having a lot of issues and seeing me quickly when I'm having a busy week. Dr. Price also helped shortened the length of my cold when I was sick this summer.

  • Emily Michelle Moulton 5 Date: 2014-02-08 03:17:17
    Amazing doctor has helped my migraines go away. :)

  • Joy Neal Puckett 5 Date: 2014-02-08 02:08:58
    Rating only, no review recorded.

  • Mark Rogers 5 Date: 2013-10-21 02:59:31
    Rating only, no review recorded.

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